Hydro Solutions Power & Soft Washing

We are a leader in pressure washing and related services in the Louisville, KY area. Our exterior cleaning services cover both residential and commercial needs – contact us today to learn how we can help.

Our Services


Concrete Cleaning & Sealing – We use a safe and reliable high-pressure power washing method to deep clean your concrete surfaces. This technique works well on brick and stone surfaces as well.

House Washing & Soft Washing – Our house washing service uses a soft wash cleaning system that guarantees a deep clean on your home’s exterior surface. The good news? It helps ensure the process does not damage the surface. We understand your home is your most valuable asset, so we hold ourselves to a high standard of service and your satisfaction is our goal.

Roof Cleaning Services – A clean roof often means a safe and healthy home. Our roof cleaning service can revitalize your roof’s appearance and help improve curb appeal and value.


Graffiti Removal – Removing graffiti from our neighborhoods, homes and business properties has many benefits. Certain graffiti tags can bring down property value and give the impression that a neighborhood is unsafe. Our graffiti removal service is effective and safe, and we will work to ensure that the surface looks as it once did.

Building Washing and Cleaning – You want your commercial property to shine, giving customers the reassurance that they need to bring you their business. We offer various pressure washing services, from power washing to soft washing, and ensure the right application for the job.

Parking Garage Cleaning – Properly cleaning massive spaces such as parking garages requires the right pressure washing method. Perhaps more importantly, clean garages are often safer. Oils spots pose hazards to pedestrians and that in turn means liability issues. Get piece of mind, and a cleaner and safer garage, and learn how we can help.

Our Guarantee

Our quotes are the price without exception. There are no hidden or additional fees, and our team of experts can answer any questions about our pressure washing and soft washing processes. We are an independent and locally owned company that is proud to serve the Louisville Metro area. If you’re in need of pressure washing or related services, contact us today, we look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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